The Songs of Charles Ives
Doctoral Dissertation, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1977, 456 pages
RILM number: 78:5359dd

From Chords to Simultaneities: Chordal Indeterminacy and the Failure of Serialism.
New York: Greenwood, 1990. 167 pages. ISBN 0-313-26646-8
     Applies the criterion of indeterminacy of chords to both traditional functional 
     harmony and to serial and avant-garde music. Consequently, serial and and avant-
     garde music are placed in historical perspective and evaluated in terms of their 
     chordal behavior. Focuses on the failure of serialism to solve the problem of 
     coherent harmonic progression in dissonant contexts.

There Is No Truer Truth: The Musical Aspect of Browning's Poetry.
New York: Greenwood, 1991. 178 pages. ISBN 0-313-27401-0
     Browning was a competent musician. Music was a central theme in his poetry, and 
     formed the basis for many of his images and ideas. This book is a musicological 
     analysis of Browning's music poetry, revealing new aspects of the poet's musicality 
     and offering a new interpretation of the relationship between words and music in his 
     music poems.