Imagine a group of competing children, who decide that the winner will be whoever names the highest number. They begin with one-digit numbers, but soon they are in the millions and billions. Then one of them decides to "break the bank" by saying -- infinity. But this only arouses resentment. Instead of winning. he is ostracized. The others continue the game, now inventing new degrees of infinity.

Something similar really happened in human history, with rival religions. Clever and unscrupulous people gained ascendancy over their fellow men by threatening them with fictional supernatural powers. The imaginary powers proliferated into pantheons of gods and goddesses, and there was ferocious rivalry among them. Then the religious fanatics of one small insignificant nation decided to "break the bank" by saying -- infinity. They announced that their god was the one and only god: infinite, eternal, ubiquitous. omnipotent, and omniscient, All others were fakes, and to worship them was sinful. But this only aroused resentment. Instead of winning, the little nation was ostracized, hated, and persecuted. The others continued the game, now inventing new degrees of monotheism, such as the trinity.

The irrationality of the children's competition does not matter, because the whole thing is just talk, only imaginary. For the same reason, the irrationality of the religious fanatics should not matter -- but it does. Untold suffering has been inflicted, and oceans of blood spilled, in the ferocious rivalry among the religions. all of them equally imaginary.